Market pay

This scheme requires authorisation by the Reward Team

Particularly difficult market conditions, leading to problems recruiting and retaining particular categories of staff, should be discussed with the Reward team who will be able to advise as to whether a market-based supplement may be helpful.

A market supplement may be considered where:

  • There is significant risk to business critical activities caused by lack of staff with key skills in the specific roles because there are vacancies or significant risk of vacancies and evidence that suitable candidates do not or will not apply
  • The data for the relevant external market indicates a significant premium
  • Non-pay recruitment and retention initiatives are not sufficient to secure the key skills.

The appropriate grade is determined through HERA job evaluation. Market supplements are handled separately from basic pay and are paid as an allowance equal to the difference between the top point of the discretionary range and the market rate as determined by the Reward team.

Market data will be obtained by the Reward team from specialist sources with access to relevant and appropriate pay market data.

The market premium supplement will be reviewed annually and, if appropriate, adjusted in light of cost of living increases and market data. Where the market data indicates that the skills no longer command a premium in the external market, the supplement will be frozen at its current level.

  QRG: CH4 Change: New and Changes to Allowances (372kb)

  QRG: CH12 Ending Allowances (126kb)