Retention payments

(for unique experience or very specialised skills)

Departments, or the appropriate appointing authorities, have discretion on grounds of retention to award up to four additional increments in total above the point which the individual would have attained assuming normal progression after appointment, providing that the Personnel Committee's guidelines and criteria for the award of such increments, set out below, are adhered to.

This applies to all academic-related and university support staff. Only where further advancement, beyond the four additional increments, is contemplated is central reference to Personnel Services required.

Evidence of an acute case justifying extra discretionary pay on grounds of retention

Before awarding additional increments departments are asked to satisfy themselves:

  1. that the individual concerned has unique experience or possesses very specialised skills and that fulfilment of the department's strategic plan could not be guaranteed without retention of these skills or that experience,
  2. that the individual concerned holds a post in a group or type where there have been demonstrable problems of recruitment or retention, which are expected to continue for some time (i.e. characterised by a high turnover of staff, poor response to more than one advertisement, or a vacancy of over two months), and
  3. that there is a real prospect that an individual who is being considered for a retention payment is actually likely to leave the University. Departments should satisfy themselves that there is clear evidence that, unless a payment is made, an employee is likely to leave. The offer of a job interview elsewhere would provide such evidence but departments are not precluded from considering equally convincing evidence arising from other earlier stages of external selection procedures.

It is not intended that these arrangements be used to prevent staff from taking up employment at a higher grade in other university departments.

The officers of Personnel Services will provide further guidance and advice on identifying acute retention cases where this is requested by departments.

Payroll arrangements

Payroll staff are authorised to implement retention awards of up to four increments in total above the point that the individual would have attained assuming normal progression after appointment. The reason for the award should be clearly stated in the reason and comments field in Core.

The officers of Personnel Services will monitor the distribution of such awards between departments and, in consultation with the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Unit, will provide further guidance and advice if this is indicated.