Reward and Recognition Scheme for Academic-Related and Support Staff

The Reward and Recognition Scheme for academic-related and support staff was introduced in 2013 and has two elements:

  • an annual gathered field review, the Awards for Excellence Scheme, at departmental level, awarding incremental payments within a simplified framework;
  • a Recognition Scheme, under which smaller, more timely awards (£200 before tax in all cases) can be made at departmental level to recognise one-off, outstanding contributions at any time of the year.

The Personnel Committee has approved the launch of the Awards for Excellence Scheme for 2018/19.

The Scheme, which is mandatory, should take place in departments in Hilary term 2019. Awards should be implemented in the April 2019 payroll. The Recognition Scheme is on-going.

The Scheme is operated at departmental level. Members of staff should contact their line manager or departmental administrator about how the Scheme operates in their department.

The Scheme has been in operation since 2013. The reward team will conduct an equality analysis of all nominations for Awards for Excellence in March 2019, before issuing a code for the approval of payments.

Departments should re-familiarise themselves with the guidance and frequently asked questions.