Administrative Arrangements

Funding the Reward and Recognition Scheme

To promote consistency across and within divisions the Personnel Committee has recommended an annual limit on the number of awards made. Departments are asked to spend as near as possible to 0.35% of their paybill (for staff in grades 1-10) on awards under the Reward and Recognition Scheme (i.e. Awards for Excellence and Recognition Awards) during the financial year. This amount should (provided that awards are spread equitably across grades) fund Awards for Excellence for up to 10% of eligible staff and Recognition Awards for a further small number of staff.

If a member of externally funded staff meets the criteria for an award, the department should consider whether the costs are eligible on the grant and whether the grant provides sufficient funds to meet the cost. Otherwise, the department should allocate funds from its own budget.

Payroll notification

In line with other one-off payments, payments awarded under the Recognition Scheme and non-recurrent awards under the Awards for Excellence Scheme are paid directly through the Payroll module following receipt of a notification form by the payroll team. The form is available in the documents section of the scheme landing page. The payroll form contains a section for a payment code; this will be issued to the department by the reward team once they have conducted an equality analysis of each department’s nominations.

Recurrent awards given under the Awards for Excellence Scheme should be inputted by departments. Departments should update the employee’s grade point on the appointment. Please see the quick reference guide CH26 Reward and Recognition Scheme for guidance.

Awards for Excellence can only be made as part of the annual gathered field exercise and must be paid in the April payroll.

Recognition Awards can be made at any time of year.


Departments should notify staff formally of the local arrangements for their Reward and Recognition Scheme. Communication methods should ensure a broad range of nominations are received across all grades and types of work. In addition to a departmental-wide communication launching the Scheme departments could target particular managers and teams from which nominations have not previously been received, or where they believe exceptional performance has been demonstrated during the period under review. Departments might want to consider using email, departmental newsletters, presentations at regular departmental meetings, and posters in communal areas to notify managers and staff about the Scheme.

Once the reward team have approved payment of the Awards for Excellence, departmental discretion can be exercised as to how and whether the names of those in receipt of awards is made known (with the individual’s approval), but need to ensure the process is transparent.