Eligibility for the Reward and Recognition Scheme

All staff in grades 1-10 with more than six months’ service (with the exception of those listed below) are eligible to be nominated for an award.

Departments and faculties should give equal consideration to all staff in grades 1-10, regardless of the department’s financial position or the available funding for externally-funded researchers.

Part-time, fixed-term, and variable hours employees and those due to leave or retire should be reviewed on the same basis as all other staff.

Those who have been absent for part of the year due to sickness or for family-related reasons should also be reviewed. Departments should seek advice from their HR Business Partner as necessary. Departments are reminded to be mindful of all protected characteristics of staff when running the Scheme.

Heads of department should consider whether departmental administrators (grades 1-10) should be nominated and, if so, how this will be considered by the departmental panel.

Heads of Department are encouraged to discuss this with their HR Business Partner. In reaching a decision, feedback from the Divisional Secretary and other relevant officers e.g. in finance and personnel, should be considered.

The following are not eligible for awards under the Reward and Recognition scheme:

  • those holding posts (such as EC Marie Curie fellowships) for which the funder’s terms specify the individual’s rate of pay outside the University’s salary scales;
  • those with less than six months’ service with the University at the time of assessment;
  • those whose TUPE arrangements preclude inclusion or impose alternative ‘merit’ arrangements; and
  • those holding clinical consultant contracts who are eligible for NHS merit awards.

A report is available in CoreHR to assist departments in identifying staff who may be eligible for consideration under the Scheme. Information about the report (PERDEP11) can be found here.