Departments should record both successful and unsuccessful nominations and awards for the Awards for Excellence and Recognition Scheme payments in order to enable comprehensive local and central reporting and analysis, and to enable Personnel Committee to be kept informed of the pattern of payments under the scheme. A facility is provided in CoreHR to do this, please see the quick reference guide CH26 Reward and Recognition Scheme.

To promote transparency, departments are asked to publish summary data internally. A report is available in CoreHR to facilitate this (please see here). In the event that a disproportionate spread of awards is identified, the departmental administrator should discuss the issue with their HR Business Partner.

Personnel Committee receives an annual report on payments made under the Reward and Recognition Scheme, which provides an analysis by legal sex, disability, and ethnicity. Owing to the limits of the data on ethnicity, where there is a large proportion of staff classified as “not known”, it is difficult to draw any firm conclusions about the distribution of payments by ethnicity. However, the analysis in 2017/18 did reveal that there was an under-representation, in some areas, of payments to staff with protected characteristics.

Departments play an important part in ensuring that a nominations for a broad range of staff are received under the Reward and Recognition Scheme. In March 2019, the reward team will conduct an equality analysis of nominations, to see if they are truly representative of all staff groups in each department, before approving the payment of awards.