Payments for additional, temporary responsibilities

Arrangements for covering the duties and responsibilities of academic staff during a period of extended absence, depending on the circumstances, divisions may make informal arrangements for teaching to be covered by colleagues, through piece-rate teaching, or using a fixed-term replacement appointment. However, there are some circumstances in which academic staff may be asked to "act up", for example to cover for a head of department, and in these cases staff will be paid for the appropriate allowance for the post in question.

Pensionable status of payments for temporary additional responsibilities

The following payments for additional temporary responsibilities held for a temporary period over and above the member of staff's normal duties may be pensionable:

  • "Schedule allowances paid to heads of department, including those paid to a deputy covering for the absence of the substantive head;
  • Proctors' and assessors' stipends;

These allowances will be pensionable if it is known at the outset that they will be held for three years or more. Allowances held for less than three years at the outset and then extended will not be made pensionable unless the extension is for a period of at least three years, in which case the addition will become pensionable with effect from the date of the extension.