Discounts for staff

For information on the benefits and discounts provided by the University for its staff see the Benefits Handbook.

A number of companies are offering discounts to University staff, these are shown in the categories below.

Accessories and Jewellery Cars and Bikes Clothing and Shoes
Electronics and Technology Food and Eating Out Gifts and Occasions
Health, Beauty and Sport Holiday and Travel Home and Garden
Leisure and Entertainment Photography Printing and Stationery Professional Services
Removals and Storage Finance and Insurance Other

The University does not endorse any of the goods or services offered, nor guarantee any of the offers listed on these pages.

Staff taking up these offers do so at their own discretion and risk (see also the Legal Notice at the foot of this page).

For further information about any of the discounts listed you must contact the companies directly.

Information for companies wishing to offer a discount to University employees

The University employs over 12,000 staff in and around Oxford.  If you wish to offer a discount to University staff please email noting the following:

1. Full name of the company. Please note that we can only accept offers from registered companies and/or for services accredited by a professional body.

2. A one line description of the discount (for example, 10% discount on any X purchased). Please note that we will only publish offers that give a minimum of 10% discount or equivalent.

3. Full details of the discount(s) available, the period of availability (if applicable) and any specific terms that might apply.

4. Please advise us of any changes to discounts offered, and note that we reserve the right to remove the information from our web pages without notice.

Please note that all University employees are provided with a photo ID staff card.