8.5: Employee representation

Membership of a trade union is not a condition of employment in the University. Participation in activities within working hours is only permitted in accordance with the terms of any facilities agreement made by the University, and with the consent of your head of department. The attention of members of staff is drawn to the following arrangements that exist for the representation of the various staff groups.

The University has recognised the following as the only trade unions entitled to engage in collective bargaining on behalf of their respective staff groups:

  • Unite (previously known as Amicus) in respect of staff employed in technical grades and in the Estates Directorate Works Yard;
  • Unison in respect of staff employed by the University in clerical, library, and ancillary posts, and in the parks and gardens.

The University has agreed to accord Unite and Unison a number of facilities as recognised trade unions.

The Joint Committee for University Staff (JCUSS) consists of equal numbers of members appointed by the University and by Unite and Unison together. The joint committee meets termly (and on such other occasions as either side requests) to consider and discuss matters relating to the terms and conditions of employment of university-graded support staff. The terms of reference of this committee are set out in section 8.6. Its chairman is currently Revd Dr Judith Maltby (Vice-Chairman of the Personnel Committee). The University’s joint secretary is Mr John Dickson (Personnel Services) and the employees’ joint secretary is Mr Les Hill (Chemistry).

Contacting Unite (previously known as Amicus)

The Acting Secretary of the University Branch of Unite is Mr Peter Belk (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics), who has an office at Clarendon Lodge, 20 Parks Road (Tel. Oxford (2)82647). An answerphone message may be left on the same number.

Contacting Unison

The members of the employees’ side have an office at 16 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2HY, where, by appointment, clerical, library, ancillary, parks, and gardens staff may consult their representatives. Queries from Unison members should be referred either to their Unison departmental representatives or the employees’ Joint Secretary (see above).