News and updates

Latest news - September 2019: Phase 2 of the upgrade will be implemented in two parts; phase 2.1 and phase 2.2. Phase 2.1 will see the move of the recruitment and personnel processes from the Back Office to the portal (ie in the same area of the system as the Staff Requests functionality). This is expected to take place in January 2020. Phase 2.2 will deliver the upgrade to version 28 as well as the introduction of new functionality; currently expected in May 2020. Please click here to learn more about the second phase and its expected benefits.

Update on v26 go-live issues:
Seven out of ten known issues have now been fixed, and the remaining issues require further investigation and/or the release of a new version of the system in order to get fixed. We will keep users posted on the progress of this, and the latest updates can be viewed on the Known Issues webpage.

Key contacts

While all CoreHR users will be informed of any essential project information via wider communication channels, the role of a key contact includes more focused and/or specific areas of work. This may be consultation on specific subjects, answering queries, providing feedback to the project team or cascading certain messages further, as required. Find out who your key contact is here: CoreHR Upgrade Project Key Contacts (116kb)

Information about the upgrade will also be shared with the HRIS User Group via existing meetings.

Project newsletters

Updates for Phase 2 will be shared via a project newsletter. The newsletter will also be linked to from the HRIS Bulletin.

CoreHR Upgrade project news in the HRIS Bulletin: