Project overview

The CoreHR Upgrade project will:

  • Upgrade the University’s HR Information System (HRIS), CoreHR, from v20 to the latest available version
  • Move the University’s HRIS to a supplier-hosted service (complete)
  • Implement a new reporting tool to replace Oracle Discoverer
  • Manage the move to online-only payslips

Timescales and implementation

The project is being delivered using a phased approach. The first phase of the upgrade was completed at the end of May 2019, and work on Phase 2 is now underway, which is expected to be delivered later this year. Further information about the phases is outlined in the 'Impact and benefits' section below.

For the latest news, please refer to our 'News and updates' page. If you have any questions, please email the project team at

Impact and benefits

Phase 1: Switchover to v26 and supplier-hosted service (complete)

This was a necessary first step toward introducing the new functionality that v26 will provide (to be introduced during Phase 2 of the project).

The impact on users of delivering phase 1 was limited to two areas:

System downtime: a one-week period of system downtime was necessary to switchover to the supplier-hosted service.

Changes to Staff Requests: following the initial switchover to v26, the look of the system remained largely unchanged with the exception of Staff Requests which now have a different look and feel with a new workflow for approvers.

Benefits of the move to a supplier-hosted service included:

  • Adoption of future upgrades on a faster and more frequent cycle
  • Improved system infrastructure
  • Increased data security
  • Access to enhanced system support from the supplier

Phase 2: Functional upgrade

Work is underway to assess the impact of the functional upgrade on users and the level of training and support required. This section will be updated with more information as the project progresses.

Benefits of the functional upgrade include:

  • Moving personnel and recruitment processes from the old ‘Back Office’ look and feel to a modern, browser-based interface in the Portal
  • Enhanced system training and support
    - Revised QRGs
    - A review of the current CoreHR training programme for new users
  • Additional HR Self-Service functionality
    - A move to online-only payslips and P60s (reducing printing costs and environmental impact)

More specific benefits around the new functionality will be shared as they become clear.

New reporting tool

The University's current HRIS reporting tool, Oracle BI Discoverer, is being phased out by the supplier and must be replaced. Whilst we have been working on the reporting work stream since the beginning of the upgrade project, to reflect the significance of this change, and to ensure that key stakeholders are closely involved in decision-making about the new tool, it will be delivered as a separate project in its own right.

Future Plans

Future HRIS initiatives, such as a payroll upgrade, are currently being investigated and will be communicated once established.