User guidance: recruiting staff

Quick Reference Guides

Document title Version Date added

Staff Requests

RQ1_Creating and approving a staff request (1,342kb) v26 v1.0 24 May 2019


REC00 Recruitment Basics (379kb) v20 v1.1 19 Mar 2018
REC01a has been replaced by REC06 Creating a manual vacancy    
REC01 Creating a Vacancy (Recruitment and Personnel) (960kb)   v20 v1.4 18 Sept 2018
REC02 Managing Paper Applications (229kb) v20 v1.1 16 Jun 2016
REC03 Managing Online Applications (1,389kb) v20 v1.6 18 Mar 2019
REC04 Managing Vacancies and Appointments (831kb) v20 v2.1 7 Feb 2019
REC05 Academic Recruitment (274kb)   v20 v1.0 16 Jun 2016 
REC06 Creating a manual vacancy (784kb) v20 v1.1 28 Sep 2017
REC07 Inserting links into advert text (487kb)   v20 v1.0  18 Jan 2018 

Non-Standard Appointments

PA2h Setting up a Non-Employee (inc Agency) (399kb)   v20 v1.3 3 Jul 2019
PA2m Setting up a Non-Employee (Titular AP) (353kb) v20 v1.1 5 Oct 2018
PA2p Marie Curie Fellows and Researchers (263kb) v20 v1.1 18 Nov 2016
PA2q Setting up a Non-Employee (e.g.Vistor) (533kb) v20 v1.2 5 Oct 2018

Other documents

Document title Version   Date Added  
FTE and Multiplier Calculator (30kb)  v2.1  15 Feb 2019
List of Job Titles in CoreHR (49kb)   v20 v1.7  30 May 2019
Staff Request and Contract Decision Matrix (219kb)   v26 v1.0 24 May 2019
People Profiles Matrix (157kb)   v20 v1.7 19 Sep 2019
Pre-employment Checks and Gates (81kb)    v20 v1.0 1 Jul 2014
Staff Classification Guide (109kb)    v20 v1.2 18 May 2017
Recruitment Statuses and Events (102kb) v20 v1.0 24 Oct 2015
Recruitment process in Core (283kb)    v20 v1.0 2 May 2019
Equal Opportunities Form M1 (for direct appointments)
Job description template    
Personnel Services guidance - Recruiting staff