Knowledge Exchange and Impact: internal funding opportunities


Applications to these funds can often be strengthened through partnerships with external parties, matched funding, leverage, and potential to attract external funding to develop impacts and partnerships.  All these aspects could be assisted through compatible external funding opportunities as listed and outlined in the Knowledge Exchange/Public and Industry Engagement Schemes page.

Applicants are advised to contact and submit bids well ahead of deadline.  This can ensure bids are fit for purpose, and can help improve bids.  Applications requiring Research Services endorsement (as some external funding applications do) require 5 or 10 days prior submission to Research Services.

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Contact: Matt Smart, KEIT

BBSRC Global Challenges Research Fund – International Development Impact Acceleration Account

Purpose To facilitate Knowledge Exchange and enable innovation in an international development context 
Deadline This funding stream has been fully allocated. Applications are no longer accepted.
Amount Total Fund £100,000. No specific expectation of the price of any projects. Price as needed. 
Schemes BBSRC GCRF-IAA Funding Call Specification (261kb)  
Eligibility To include activities with DAC listed countries. See call specification for clarifications. 
Contact Matt Smart  
Apply BBSRC GCRF-IAA Application Form (42kb)  

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Funding

Purpose To develop new technologies and transfer technological know-how, and EPSRC non-academic impact-based secondments
Deadline Monday 21 August, noon
Amount for details contact Dr Lizzie Peachey
Schemes Technology fund
Eligibility See the Oxford EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Guide (187kb)
Contact Dr Lizzie Peachey
Apply See the MPLS Division website for details


ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Funding

Purpose Knowledge exchange activities, fellowships, visiting practitioners, engagement with external partners
Deadline 5pm on 29 September 2017 (KE Dialogues)
5pm on 6 October 2017 (Kick-starting Impact Awards, Impact Acceleration Awards, Visiting Practitioner Fellowships)
Amount Up to £50,000
Schemes KE Dialogues (up to £2.5k), Kick-starting Impact Awards (up to £7.5k), Impact Acceleration Awards (up to £50k), Visiting Practitioner Fellowships (up to £25k)
ESRC IAA call document A (564kb)
ESRC IAA call document B (586kb)  
Eligibility Oxford academics in any department/faculty carrying out social science research (fundable under the ESRC’s remit) which fully engages non-academic external partners
Apply ESRC IAA application form (112kb) 
Applications should be submitted to the Social Sciences Division Research & Impact Team by your departmental administrator. More information can be found on the Social Sciences Division's website.

POST Fellowships 

The Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme is offering academics from different subject areas and at any career stage the opportunity to go and work in Parliament. Submit your application (download from POST) with parts 1–3 completed to the Social Sciences Division Research & Impact Team by 31 July 2017 if you want the ESRC IAA to fund this fellowship. Applications cannot be submitted to POST without IAA support. Applications will be reviewed in-house before a funding decision is made.

Joint funding with ESRC and EPSRC IAAs

If you have a project idea that spans the disciplinary remits for the EPSRC and ESRC, email as soon as possible to discuss potential co-funded projects. The next deadline for the EPSRC IAA is 21 August 2017

John Fell Fund

Purpose Could help support/match work involving KE and impact (and see also the list of compatible external funding sources at the Knowledge Exchange/Public and Industry Engagement Schemes page) 
Deadline  Termly rounds  (typically Oct, Jan, and Apr)
Amount Two streams: up to £7,500, and >£7,500
Schemes John Fell Fund
Eligibility University researchers 
Contact Divisional Fund managers
Apply Online, in advance of deadline. Requires departmental approval.

KE Seed Fund

Purpose Start-up funding to support early-stage innovative Knowledge Exchange ideas 
Deadline This funding stream has been fully allocated. Applications are no longer accepted.
Amount Approx. £2,500, or less, per project.  £40k remains to be allocated and spent by July 2017.
Schemes KE Seed Fund Call Details (381kb)
Eligibility University of Oxford staff
Contact Matt Smart 
Awards list KE Seed Fund awards list (last updated 17 Oct 2016) (87kb)

KE Seed Fund Application Form (34kb)


MRC Confidence in Concept Fund

Purpose To support the earliest stages of translational research projects. It is intended to accelerate the transition from discovery research to translational development projects by supporting preliminary work or feasibility studies to establish the viability of an approach.
Deadline Monday 3 July 2017
Amount Direct costs requested from the CiC are anticipated to be in the range of £50k-£75k per project. The total cost of individual projects will be in the order of £100-150k
Schemes MRC Confidence in Concept Fund
Eligibility See call specification. 50% match is required
Contact Liam Murphy
Apply Medical Sciences Division

MRC Proximity to Discovery Fund

Purpose To support activities to build relationships between the university and industry partners and promote a culture of innovation. Funding will be awarded in three streams: Knowledge exchange between industry and academia; Industry showcases and communications; Staff exchanges
Deadline 12 noon, 30 Sept 2015
Amount Direct costs only. Funds must be incurred by Oxford, and not by an industry partner. Grants must finish by the end date of the MRC award, 31 August 2016. We anticipate small and large applications to this fund.
Schemes MRC Proximity to Discovery Fund
Eligibility See MRC Proximity to Discovery Fund for details. Proposals must support MRC-related science areas. Proximity to Discovery will not fund research projects.
Contact Martin Kerr
Apply MRC Proximity to Discovery Fund

Oxford Invention Fund and the University Challenge Seed Fund

Purpose Commercialisation. To bring research discoveries to a point where commercial usefulness can be demonstrated and first steps taken to ensure their utility 
Deadline Rolling
Amount Typically £2,5K - £250K
Schemes Oxford Invention Fund and the University Challenge Seed Fund
Eligibility University researchers, for the development of technologies for commercialisation.
Contact Adam Workman
Apply On Oxford University Innovation website

Social Sciences Knowledge Exchange Fellowships

Purpose To support knowledge exchange fellowships to enhance the impact of excellent social sciences research
Deadline 5pm, 6 October 2017
Amount Up to £25k
Schemes See HEIF KE Fellowships 2017-18 - Call document A (507kb) and HEIF KE Fellowships 2017-18 - Call document B (550kb)
Eligibility Either an academic or a person (or persons) from an external non-academic organisation
Apply HEIF KE Fellowships 2017-18 - Application Form (58kb)

STFC Impact Acceleration Account Funding

Purpose Boost the impact of STFC-funded research (past or current)
Deadline This funding stream has been fully allocated. Applications are no longer accepted.
Amount The total funding available is £35k. Typically, projects have been around £5k–£25k
Schemes STFC IAA funding call specification (33kb)
Eligibility University of Oxford staff. Project must relate to STFC-funded (or partly-funded) science.
Contact Matt Smart
Awards list STFC IAA awards (last updated June 2017) (9kb)  
Apply STFC IAA application form (38kb)

TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellowships

Purpose to facilitate new, or develop existing, relationships with external partners that further the reach and significance of research at Oxford
Deadline noon, Thursday 29 June 2017
Amount up to £10,000
Schemes Fellowships/early-career fellowships
Eligibility Oxford humanities researchers in all disciplines
Apply TORCH website