BHF's Grant Management System (GMS)

The British Heart Foundation uses an online Grants Management System (GMS). BHF grant applicants are able to apply for all fellowships, project, programme, special project and horizons grants through this online system.

Please note that the GMS currently only works in Internet Explorer and Safari. It does not currently work in Firefox; in particular, the 'Register' button will not open the correct page in Firefox.

Step by step guide

Please note that different processes apply to different schemes. The below guidelines are meant as general guidance only, but please do use the British Heart Foundation's user guide and contact their Help team from within their electronic application system if your query cannot be answered in the user guide.

Step 1 - create a user account

PI's and other relevant parties first need to create a GMS user account. Please also talk to your departmental finance officer/ administrator about creating an X5 costing.

Step 2 - create an application (via the online form)

The PI needs to log-in and complete an online form similar to the old paper form. The online form has 4 sections:

i)    Additional Stakeholders. If there are other stakeholders such as a  Co-I or Collaborators they need to be indicated on the form via the radio button.

ii)    Head of Department. The PI then needs to enter the Head of Department’s details as shown on the form.  Details need to be entered correctly, this is especially important for the email address as this is how the email alert system works to progress the application to the next stage.   If there are any errors in the email addresses (e.g Anthony rather than Antony), the submission process fails and then has to be put back to the beginning by the BHS GMS helpdesk and restarted.
For the ‘Institute’ section, use the drop down arrow and select ‘University of Oxford’.

iii)    Administrative Authority (Research Services). The PI also needs to enter the Administrative Authority details as shown on the form. The email address for Research Services will be either:

iv)   Payee Institute Details. Use the drop down arrow and select ‘University of Oxford’.

Step 3 - complete the application

Once the online form is complete, the application itself and any related documents will need to be uploaded to the account (again, instructions can be found online).

When the documents have been uploaded, the PI should ‘submit’ the document. The Co-applicants will then need to ‘approve’ their involvement and then the electronic application will pass to the Head of Department for approval.

Important: If the application is rejected at any stage (by Co-applicant, Head of Department, or the 'Administrative Authority') the PI will need to change and edit the form and will have to start the approval process from the beginning again.

Step 4 - 'Head of Department' submits the application to Research Services

The 'Head of Department' will receive an email notifying them that an application is awaiting their approval. The 'Head of Department' will need to log in to the BHF Online system and review the application.

The 'Head of Department' then submits the application to Research Services FIVE WORKING DAYS in advance of the deadline. This is done by pressing the 'Submit' option on the form which will trigger an email to the 'Administrative Authority' (Research Services).

Step 5 - submit the X5 costing to Research Services

The Department must submit the X5 costing FIVE WORKING DAYS in advance to Research Services.

Step 6 - Research Services checks the application

Research Services will check the application within five working days and will notify the PI of any amendments that are needed or recommended. If any changes are required Research Services will 'Reject' the application back to the PI.

Step 7 - PI makes any necessary amendments to the application

When an application is rejected, the application’s status changes to 'Reject' in the PI’s 'My Application’ page. The PI (and only the PI) must then re-edit the application and has to restart the approval process from the beginning i.e. the application will be sent to the Co-applicant (if applicable), HoD and then finally to the Research Services.

Step 8 - application is re-checked and submitted by Research Services

Once the HoD has submitted the application, Research Services (the 'Administrative Authority') will receive an email alert so they can review the completed application.

Research Services will re-check the amended application and arrange for an authorised signatory to submit the final application to the BHF.

Please note that Research Services can't submit applications after 5 pm regardless of the deadline set by the sponsor.

Step 9 - notification of receipt of application

Once the application form has been approved by the 'Administrative Authority' (Research Services) and submitted to the BHF the PI will be sent an email advising them that the application has been received.