Memo 3/08: Attendance at Training Courses

The University Safety Office has expanded the number and range of training courses offered to departments. Several of these courses are run by specialist training providers, but all courses, whether in-house or external, are offered free of charge to participants.

However, it has been noted that an increasing number of individuals fail to attend the courses they have booked. This creates additional work for Safety Office administrative staff, but more importantly it deprives other interested individuals of a place, delaying their training until a further course can be arranged. Depending on the course, this could take some time since, for example, external trainers are often in demand elsewhere.

Although the Safety Office will continue to meet the costs of the training it offers, departments should be aware that it also reserves the right to charge departments a non-attendance fee for those individuals who simply fail to turn up on the day. Such a charge will not be applied in cases where the individual has a legitimate reason for not attending, such as illness or other unforeseen circumstances. Nor will it be applied to anyone who has notified the Safety Office, in reasonable time, that they will not be attending so that another trainee can fill their place. Notification either the afternoon before or on the morning of a course is not considered reasonable, since this will be insufficient time for another trainee to rearrange their schedule. The non-attendance fee will be set at £30 per person, and these charges will help cover the costs of additional room booking fees.

Research supervisors and team leaders are asked to ensure that when they book a training place on behalf of their staff, students or team members they tell the relevant individual that they have done so, and relay the course information to them. There have been several instances of trainees apparently not having been told that a place had been reserved for them.

Course participants are reminded to sign the register circulated at every training course. This records their attendance at the event and constitutes a part of the individual’s training record. Failure to do so may be interpreted as a failure to attend and may result in the non-attendance charge being levied.

Training places should be reserved by following the relevant booking instructions, as it may not always be possible to accommodate individuals who turn up without prior notice. To help with administration please also ensure that training reservations are made by the appropriate date.