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Compressed Gas Safety

Who should attend?

Safety awareness for all those involved in the use, handling, and storage of compressed (cylinder) gases.

Course Details

The use of compressed (cylinder) gases is extensive in the University. The hazards associated with their use are significant and it is essential that all staff using, handling and storing compressed gases have a comprehensive knowledge of gas properties, the gas control equipment they are using and current best practice. Training is a legislative requirement and departments should identify any training needs and ensure that individuals attend relevant courses where necessary.

The compressed gas safety course has been restructured and there are now three modules:Modules 1 and 2 are considered to be the minimum requirements for anyone handling cyclinder gases and gas control equipment (e.g. regulators). Module 3 builds on this basic knowledge:

MODULE 1 - Duration 1 hour approx

  • Introduction including legislation and Guidance

  • Gas Classification - physical and chemical

  • Gas Containers - cylinders, valves and the safe and correct identification of container contents

    10 minute break

    MODULE 2 - Duration 1 hour approx

  • Gas Control Equipment

  • [Cylinder-mounted] Regulators: types, functions and selection

  • Before use safety checks

  • Regulator set up and leak-testing

  • Regulator shut-down and disconnection

    10 minute break

    MODULE 3 - Duration 1 hour approx

  • Gas Cylinder Manifolds - types, function and required safety checks

  • Safe [Manual] Handling of Gas Cylinders

  • Safe Storage of Gas Cylinders

  • Emergency Actions


    Minimum Requirement: Modules 1 & 2 for Certificate of Attendance to be issued by the Safety Office

    If all 3 modules are attended, the delegate(s) can be put forward for an online test/certification (Certificate of Successful Completion), which will be issued by the Training Provider.


    There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

    For further information contact Safety Office.