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Safe Use of Cryogenic Liquids

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An essential course for anyone using cryogenic liquids.

Course Details

The use of liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic liquids is extensive in the University. The hazards associated with their use are significant, and information, instruction and training on all aspects of cryogenic liquid use is a requirement of University Policy Statement S4/03.

The cryogenic safety course has recently been restructured and in addition to the properties and hazards associated with cryogenic liquids, the session will include a worked example of a qualitative risk assessment and the effects of potential cryogen spillage on oxygen depletion. The course is suitable for individuals who handle or decant only small volumes of cryogenic liquids as well as those who use cryogenic liquids in greater volume or more frequently. The session will not cover the management of large storage facilities, bulk tanks or large installations. A separate course is under development and those with responsibilites in these additional aspects of cryogenic safety would be expected to attend both sessions (when this is available). Supervisors are required to identify relevant training requirements for those under their supervision and ensure that individuals attend the relevant course where necessary. The course is however 'generic', and local instruction and training will also be necessary. Supervisors must ensure that this is provided.


  • Introduction- aims and objectives

  • Legislation and available guidance

  • Environmental considerations

  • Cryogenic properties and potential hazards

  • Standard precautions and controls for safe cryogen use

  • Principles ofqualitative risk assessment - worked example

  • Estimating the potential effects of cryogen spillage and release

  • Closing comments and questions

    CERTIFICATION Course attendees are required to undertake an on-line assessment. Successful completions of the post-course assessment will lead to a 'Certificate of Successful Completion', in addition to which all delegates who enter onto the 'system' will automatically receive a 'Certificate of Attendance' via email.


    There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

    For further information contact Safety Office.