Course Details

Biological Safety & Genetic Modification, an introduction

Who should attend?

New students, workers new to Oxford University and non-biologists undertaking (or planning to undertake) biological and/or genetic modification work.

Course Details

The delineation between biological and non-biological work is less clearly defined than in the past and many of the traditionally more technical departments are now also undertaking biological work. This may include the handling of blood, tissue and other body fluids, cell culture work and genetically modified micro-organisms.

Strict precautions may be required for such work to proceed and robust systems established to ensure that the work is in accordance with relevant legislation. It is also a requirement of University Policy Statement S5/09 that individuals who engage in such work, or those who plan to do so, receive suitable instruction and training.

The Safety Office is offering an introductory course on biological safety and staff for whom this is a new activity are required to attend.

The indicative course content is shown for information:

  • Legal requirements and guidance
  • Hazard groups
  • Containment levels
  • Routes of infection
  • Decontamination and waste handling
  • Transport of biological materials
  • Risk assessments



Thursday 12th September, 10:30 - 12:30, Centenary Room, Careers Service, 56 Banbury Road, book a place

For further information contact Safety Office.