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First Aid - Workplace Resuscitation

Who should attend?

All staff

Course Details

The University encourages all departments to arrange instruction in basic emergency first aid for employees. The "Workplace Resuscitation" courses are provided by fully-qualified and experienced Oxford College of First Aid trainers. Workplace resuscitation courses cover the following aspects of first aid:

  • Incident management;
  • The unconscious casualty;
  • Mouth to mouth ventilation (CPR).

The cost per person is £35.00 and places should be booked through the Safety Office (a departmental Oracle order is required before the booking can be confirmed) and departments are then invoiced accordingly.

Workplace resuscitation courses last for three hours and those attending are provided with a certificate of attendance, which is valid for three years.

Where a department has 12 persons to train (or multiples of 12) it is possible, given sufficient notice, to arrange for training within the department concerned, on a date to suit, providing lecture room facilities are available. Where a department has less than 12 people for a course of their own, the Safety Office has a list of those awaiting training, and when the number is made up to 12 then a course may be held, usually in the department with the most delegates.

Trainees will be asked to record their names on the course register, and departments will be charged for those who do not attend or who withdraw at short notice, if it is not possible to fill the places.

Please note: this course does not qualify an individual as a First Aider in a department. If training in First Aid at Work is required, this must be organised directly with a recognised training organisation:

Oxford College of First Aid (telephone 01235 810619) Website:

When will the next course run?

This course will run on request. Individuals or groups should contact the Safety Office to register their interest. When there are 12 participants a course will be arranged, usually in the department with the most participants, and those on the list will be notified.

For further information contact Safety Office.