Course Details

Inspection and Maintenance of Gas Control Equipment

Who should attend?

Suitable for those who wish to perform their own inspection, maintenance and testing of gas control equipment, or for workshop and laboratory managers who wish to monitor and check the service provided by external contractors.

Course Details

There is a legal requirement for gas control equipment to be maintained and regularly inspected and the majority of departments in the University outsource the technical expertise for these safety checks. In conjunction with Gas Safety UK, the Safety Office is offering a training course in the inspection and maintenance of gas control equipment, such as regulators, hoses and flashback arrestors. This will allow key individuals in departments to devise and implement their own 'in house' testing programme, should they wish to do so, or enable managers to monitor and check that the service received from contractors is adeqate. Previous attendance at one of the compressed gas safety training courses is a pre-requisite.

An indicative course programme is shown for information:

  • Legal requirements and codes of practice
  • Selection and use of gas control equipment
  • "Before use" safety checks
  • Periodic checks and functional tests
  • Planned maintenance programmes for gas control equipment
  • Recommendations for maintenance of fixed systems
  • Open forum


There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

This course is demand driven. Please register your interest with the Safety Office, and once there are sufficient numbers a course will be arrnaged and those on the list will be notified.

For further information contact Safety Office.