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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Coordinators' Training

Who should attend?

Departments planning to use the online 'Display Screen Equipment Self Assessment Program (' must appoint a suitable person as 'DSE Coordinator'. Individuals appointed as 'DSE Coordinators' should attend this course, where full instruction in the use of the programme will be given.

Course Details

The University Policy on Display Screen Equipment (S8/09) requires departments to identify 'DSE Users' and ensure they are appropriately trained and assessed. The University has developed a web-based training and self-assessment program in order to help departments meet this requirement.The program utilises the 'Webauth - Single Sign-On account' and as such is automatically populated with the names of all potential users. A person, appointed as 'DSE Coordinator', is then required to use the program to request assessments from those potential users and to process the self assessments, once complete.The session will be held in conjunction with Oxford University IT Services and will involve practical training in all aspects of the program:

-Creation of groups to request a self assessment
-Placing people into those groups
-Adding external users or new DSE Assessors
-Reviewing and editing completed self assessments
-Monitoring and generation of reports on the progress of requested self assessments

NOTE: There is a separate training course for individuals appointed as departmental 'DSE Assessors', and places should be booked by following the appropriate link on the 'DSE Assessor' course information page.


There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

For further information contact Safety Office.