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Introduction to Laser Safety

Who should attend?

An essential course for any individual operating a laser where the beam is not fully enclosed (open). This might include both routine and non-routine operations (e.g. alignment, modifications, maintenance).

Course Details

The optical radiation from lasers is used extensively across the University either directly within experimental designs or inadvertently in items of equipment. In many cases, individuals are protected from the laser beam itself due to the presence of physical enclosures or guarding. If the guarding is removed, for any reason, then there is a risk of injury dependant on the type of laser involved.

This lecture provides an introduction into the hazards associated with operating open beam lasers and the appropriate controls that individuals are expected to take.

Specifically, the lecture will outline:

- Beam and non-beam hazards associated with lasers
- Laser classification
- Laser registration, training and risk assessment
- Practical control measures
- Personal protective equipment
- Emergency procedures

Departments must identify training requirements and ensure, as a minimum, that relevant individuals receive an introduction to laser safety. If Departmental Laser Supervisors (DLS) do not provide an appropriate introduction for their laser users, then relevant individuals are expected to attend this session. Please note that this introduction to laser safety is also run by the Department of Physics.


There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

For further information contact Safety Office.