Course Details

Departmental Laser Supervisor Training (Laser Safety Management)

Who should attend?

Individuals who have recently been appointed as Departmental Laser Supervisors or have yet to attend this training.The course is also open to any research supervisor responsible for the operation of open beam Class 3R, 3B or 4 lasers.

Course Details

This one day course is provided by Public Health England (Radiation Protection Division) and covers, in detail, the process of 'Laser Safety Management'. The following points are discussed:

  • Laser-related hazards
  • Quantifying beam hazards (please bring along a scientific calculator)
  • Introduction to laser safety management
  • Lasers and the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010
  • Identifying the critical elements of the laser application
  • Assessing the risks, identifying and implementing suitable controls

Attendees will learn how to apply the current University policy on laser safety and to assist research supervisors in identifying suitable controls. In light of previous incidents involving lasers and the Artificial Optical Radiation Regulations, it is vital that all relevant departments apply a consistent approach to laser safety. This course will form an important part of that process.

Departments must identify training requirements and ensure that any person undertaking the role of Departmental Laser Supervisor attends this course, unless they have been previously trained to a similar level in the past. Individuals who completed their training before 2003 (i.e. prior to the current classification scheme) can attend for an update on the requirements.

If the Departmental Laser Supervisor does not attend, departments should be able to demonstrate the suitability of any previous training by certification and record keeping.


There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

For further information contact Safety Office.