Course Details

Cell Culture Techniques, Good Laboratory Practice & Use of Microbiological Safety Cabinets

Who should attend?

Biomedical or life science students and research workers using, or intending to use, cell culture techniques and/or micro-biological safety cabinets.

Course Details

A video-based training session covering all aspects of best practice in cell culturing, including working safely, and the safe use of microbiological cabinets; and the basic principles of good microbiological practice.

Video 1 (30 mins) 'A guide to successful cell culture':

  • the cell culture laboratory and equipment overview
  • the locker area and entry to the lab
  • the microbiological safety cabinet and its use
  • revival of cells from frozen
  • cell growth to confluence
  • sub culture
  • counting of cells
  • cell freezing and banking
  • environmental and routine sterility testing

Video 2 (20 mins) ''Microbiological safety cabinets - safe working practices':

  • microbiological safey cabinet types
  • cabinet sitiing
  • operator protection factor(OPF) and testing
  • performance criteria
  • correct use

Presentation (15 mins):

  • GLP and good occupational safety and hygiene
  • use of flame and safe use of sharps
  • disinfection
  • autoclaving
  • waste disposal
  • fumigation

Material to support the first video is available at the following URL:

Either or both videos and the supporting material can be made available to individual labs or units wishing to undertake in-house training.


There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

This training session is being updated to provide a more usable format. Inexperienced lab workers must always be given one to one training in the labs in which they are to work but in the interim please contact Andrew Thompson ( requesting course material to support such training.

For further information contact Safety Office.