Course Details

Evac-Chair 300H and IBEX Transeat 700H

Who should attend?

Individual appointed as 'Dedicated Escorts' in departments. 'Dedicated Escorts' provide assistance to others during any emergency evacuation by operating an Evac-Chair or IBEX Transeat.

The Evac-Chair and IBEX Transeats are designed to minimise manual handling. However, there is still some lifting involved so a moderate degree of fitness and physical effort is required. If individuals are unsure whether they are able to participate, they should attend the introductory briefig where the operation of the chair will be demonstrated.

Those undertaking the role of 'Dedicated Escorts' should be different to those carrying out other emergency evacuation procedures e.g. fire officers, building maintenance, fire marshals. If a person rquiriing assistance is regularly in a department, it is often best to select the dedicated escorts from close working colleagues.

Course Details

This is a practical/hands-on training course that lasts up to 2.5 hours. It covers the following points

Introductory Briefing (15mins)

  • Why we have evacuation chairs
  • When they should be used
  • How they link with other departmental evacuation plans

Evac-Chair Training (90mins)

  • Limitations of use
  • Setting up the Evac-Chair
  • Manoeuvring on a level surface
  • Transferring to and descending a single flight of stairs/li>
  • Turning around corners on different stair levels
  • Transferring people in and out of the Evac-Chair
  • Ongoing practice and training
  • Maintenance of the Evac-Chair

The Evac-Chair is designed as a one-person opeation. The operation itself is relatively simple, but in order to be confident in moving a person down a flight of stairs, individuals need to have plenty of time to practice. Inviduals should therefore to be able to commit to the full 2.5 hours session in order to complete the training.

IBEX Transeat Training (30mins)

The IBEX Transeat is a two-person operation. Similar points to the Evac-Chair are covered, but greater emphasis is placed on working in pairs, particularlu when using the Transeat to ascend stairs.

If departments wish to train groups of indviduals at different times, then specific sessions can be arranged depending on trainer accessibility. To do so, deparmtents must note the following:

  • The department must have a relevant evaculation chair e.g. Evac-Chair 300H &/or IBEX Transeat 700H
  • The chairs must have an 'in-date' test label affixed
  • A straight staircase must be available with enough space for two people to walk comfortably down side-by-side
  • There is no need to stop others from using the staircase when training takes place. However, the training can cause disruption if the staircase is heavily or is near to offices. It is therefore better to use staircases away from general circulation or open offices
  • Training can only take place in groups of 3-5 people per trainer. For larger numbers it will require more than one session or more than one trainer

  • Dates

    There are currently no scheduled dates for this course.

    For further information contact Safety Office.