Conference sessions

The Registrar Professor Ewan McKendrick will open the conference with a plenary session (in Lecture Theatre 1 - registration required) during which he will introduce the conference, and give an update on some of the major developments at the University in recent months.

This will be followed by a series of workshops, seminars and presentations taking place over four different time slots in Lecture Theatres 1-4.  They will be broken into three high level streams:

  1. Tackling major challenges: Key challenges facing the University in the year ahead, and the initiatives designed to address them
  2. Making a difference: Ways in which different  parts of the University are working together to have a positive impact on the communities they serve
  3. Thinking creatively about your development: How colleagues can take charge of their career development, and encourage others to do the same

Download a full timetable (44kb) or browse the different streams to find out more.

Once you have chosen the sessions you wish to attend, make a note of them, and find out about booking information.